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  • 25% Customs Duty on Imports from China

    For all kinds of flooring entered for consumption, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after 12:01am on May 10th and exported before May 10th the 10% duty rate will still apply. After May 10th At the direction of the President, the US increased the level of tariffs from 10% to 25% on approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports. The President also ordered us to begin the proc...
  • What are the common defects in wood

    Hard Wood Flooring Standard Multiply Engineered Wood Flooring Standard Bark Pocket (夹皮) 树木受伤之后继续生长,将受伤树皮全部或局部包入树干中所形成。一般以尺寸分等级。 夹皮破坏木材的完整性,随着发生年轮弯曲,使木材材质降低。 Comparatively small area of bark around which normal wood has grown. Also a patch of bark partially or wholly enclosed in the wood.&n...
  • SPC Floor QC Report

    SPC Floor Inspection Checklist/ Quality Control Standard Inspection Report for of SPC 5 Product Information Photos of Product Product Name: SPC FLOORING Inspection Location: *** City, *** Province, China Inspection Date: 2018.7.17 AMG P/O: AMG Item No: SW1003 Supplier: ************* Order Quantity: 8 Pallet, 400 boxes 5600 pcs Reference Sample Available: Yes Inspection Type: Pre-shipment Inspectio...
  • Problems in Composite Exterior WPC Decking Inspection

    Recently, we collected some problem samples of composite exterior WPC decking. As you knew,  WPC decking is made of recycled wood fiber and polyethylene plastic, and requires less maintenance than wood decking. For longer service time and better performance, capped WPC decking is made as an upgraded products, that should retain their color and surface texture with normal wear and exposure. Bu...
  • What is 180° Peel Tensile Test?

    Peel Tensile testing is one of the most fundamental test for understanding Bonding Strength Of Flooring Layers. This property can be used for estimate how well the flooring-covering or layer bonds to the substrate. The tensile strength is required to peel adhesive or laminated flooring-covering strip off from fundamental material at constant peel rate. This test can be applied on Laminate Flooring...
  • Foaming and quality grades of WPC vinyl core layer

    For improving mechanical property, reducing density and costs of raw material, micro-cellular foaming technology becomes the first choice of improvement measures. After foaming, the content of plastic resin can be cut in half, the cellular structure of WPC rigid core is successful in preventing crack growth, thus improving impact resistance and ductility dramatically. Besides, the density&nbs...
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About Us

Global ZX Floor Doctor Limited Professional China Floor Inspector We focus on floor inspection only! After high school, Peter Zhang (President of Global ZX Floor Doctor Limited) directly went into foreign trade for 5 years. This trade normally has nothing to do with the inspection work, but it led to his first connection with import/export business, and made him know clearly about the different desires of international buyer and seller. From 1995, Peter started to run flooring export business of his own in China, called “New Century company”. The export volume of this company was in the top three of local area since 2003. This experience also introduced many important friends with sparkling ideas to us. And in 2012, our factory “VGreen flooring” was first founded. In this capacity, our team not only saw how flooring was made but also many manufacturing defects, which are crucial to the flooring buyers and the final use of terminal consumer. With sense of responsibility, the thought of “find a way to help foreign buyers reduce import risks” was inspired among us. A reliable friend of Peter, whom own his flooring wholesale mall in Russia called Michael suggested, “a professional inspector or quality control manager in China locally is what I am looking forward to, that may ease burden and save my time.” This great idea is quite a proper answer and very specific to our long-time preoccupation----all clouds were dispelled, thus Global ZX Floor Doctor Limited Company (A.K.A. CFI) is ready to be born. As an independent third-party, we chose Hongkong, a neutral and open city, as our basement to offer the international flooring services. Over the past 20 years worked in flooring field, the crew  have learned deeply inside the China flooring Industry and maintained communications with hundreds of Chinese floor factories and suppliers that involving various kinds of flooring, such as bamboo, hardwood, laminate, engineered, WPC, SPC, etc. With advanced management system, professional training and long-term contact with Chinese flooring suppliers, the team of Global ZX Floor Doctor is mainly specialized in “flooring inspection of origin” and “flooring field advisor”. With efforts of more than 20 professional Project Managers, our services of inspection and advisor are available for flooring importers, distributors, contractors, architects all over the world; or anyone on the globe concerning a flooring import business with China. CFI SPECIALIZES IN FLOORING INSPECTION CFI inspectors will examine the floor factory, carry out your order specifications, inspect random units and identify defects. You are in control of the whole processes through our constantly updated reports on quality and producing progress. Onsite Monitoring CFI personnel are available to monitor production at your floor supplier factory to ensure all customer requests of quality are full satisfied. Customized floor Inspection Options CFI strictly assist in customized inspection criteria to meet your special requirements. Detailed Inspection Report CFI personnel will submit detailed flooring inspection report on specification and models, assembled appearance, T&G deformity, color variation, moisture content, coating adhesion etc.. Various floor styles inspection We can handle most types of flooring: Bamboo floor, Hardwood floor, Laminate floor, Engineered floor, Outdoor Decking, WPC floor, LVT, Cork and floor accessories.

Global ZX Floor Doctor China Floor Inspection
Along with the increasing global trade needs, and supply chains get more and more complex. Floor buyers of brands, retailers and importers are urgently need to strengthen the communication with their manufacturer around the globe. Our target on Flooring Inspection is to make this process much more easier for our clients to control over the quality and seize more latest information of China flooring industry by our services. CFI would like to be your eyes in China floor factories, we do hope to be your best valuable partner in Flooring Industry of China.


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