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Introduce The edge styles of Flooring


“Edge” here mainly refers to the long sides of the flooring board, and that includes the short sides . The grooves between boards will be apparently depending on the edge options. In flooring industry, edges are typically described as square, beveled, micro beveled, which are quite similar to marble processing.

Square edge of flooring

Square edged flooring

Pic.1. Square edge

Square-edged floors meet up with each other so there is no obvious edges but instead a uniform surface between the boards. Floor boards are precisely cut to line up flush against one another, creating a completely flat surface.

Square Edge is convenient for daily cleaning. However, in producing square-edged flooring, a high precision on groove is required, and a damage may easily occur during package, transportation and installation. Besides, a square-edged flooring is high-demanding in shrinkage and expansion, so it is now usually used on artificial board, such as laminate flooring and vinyl flooring.

Boards with a square edge fit flush together on all four sides of the wood to give the floor a seamless and sleek transition between the individual boards.

Beveled edge of flooring

Bevel edged flooring

Pic.2. Beveled edge

After that came the beveled edge.

A beveled edge will have the most distinctive groove and can clearly be seen in your floor. With a beveled edge, the spaces between each plank of floor are deep, and form a letter ‘V’. This space can easily capture dirt and debris.

Micro beveled edge of flooring

Micro bevel edged flooring

Pic.3. Micro beveled edge

The micro-beveled edge is a smaller version of the beveled edge and is therefore less noticeable. A smaller bevel means lower fault tolerance rate of height difference. And some suppliers describe micro-beveled edge as eased edge, kissed edge or polished edge, which is more shallow. This bevel is so small that it’s close to square edge.

The micro-beveled edge is useful when working with flooring boards of different heights. This is an edge type to consider if installing flooring next to pre-existing ones and there’s a need to match them up to each other.

Also, as a natural product, no hardwoods are naturally flat or of the same thickness, and when cut ,are not always done so evenly. The micro-beveled edge can compensate for unevenness.

When boards are uneven, some rising higher than others. This can create sharp edges and cause physical accidents.

The micro-beveled edge helps make a smooth transition from one floor board to another and makes the floor appear flatter. It is the most versatile when it comes to complementing home decor and looks great with any style.

Distress edged flooring

Pic. 4. Distressed edge/Chiseled edge

Distressed edge, or called chiseled edge means each edge has some slight irregularity, matching the distressed or hand–scraped look of the planks. Compared to the previous edges options, this kind of edge is more emphasis on decorative function and gives an unique antique feeling.

Micro edged flooring is the most popular edge style in flooring market now, so what makes the micro-beveled edge so special? Here are some reasons:

1. Easy Savings

Various factors go into deciding the cost of flooring. The edging type is one of those factors. It can cost more to cut boards perfectly even than to create a micro-beveled edge.

2. Easy Installation

Whether the sub-floor is even or not, micro-beveled floors are forgiving and can be installed over a less than perfect floor.

3. Easy Maintenance

Unlike beveled flooring, the maintenance for micro-beveled floors is the same as maintenance of square-edged flooring.

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