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Why Engineering Wood Flooring Warping?


Why engineering wooden flooring warping?

The family that installs engineering wooden floor in the home occasionally will face the problem that the end of engineering wooden floor becomes warped, how to judge whether is the reason that encounters this kind of problem causes or the problem that engineering wooden floor itself causes.

The wooden floor in above picture short edge is warped, this kind of problem is to happen more on engineering wooden flooring. The reasons for the above problems include multiple factors in the process of production, installation and use, which may be a single factor or the result of the combined action of several factors.

There may be several productive reasons for this:

1. There is greater pressure inside the engineering wooden flooring, the warping of the wood floor itself is too large.In accordance with GB/T18103-2013, the length of the engineering wooden flooring to warping degree ≤1.0%.

2. The quality problem exists in the core board of engineering wooden flooring.

3. There are some problems in water content matching and adhesive quality between wooden veneer and core panel.

4. Nail down installation, the position of wooden floor nail and distance are incorrect, the distance of wooden floor nail should be controlled in 300 millimeter less than, a solid wood is compound floor at least 2 wooden floor nail; The Angle between the floor nail and the horizontal plane should be 45-50 degrees.

5. Nail down installation, wooden keel and real wood compound floor board are compared, moisture content is too high, bring about wooden floor floor thereby short end expands.

6. Floating installation, moisture proof film laid when the overlap pressure is not enough, tape closed not fast, resulting in the grassroots ground moisture into the wood floor. Base floor is too rough, moisture proof film is worn broken, the moisture of base floor enters wooden floor, bring about wooden floor to expand.

7. When wooden floor is installed, long to the direction and the expansion joint between the wall is insufficient, after wooden floor is hygroscopic, there is not enough space to expand.

8. Engineering wood floor is in use process, can have two kinds of factors to bring about real wood to join floor board short end to become warped.

■ When wiping the wood floor, the clean cloth is too damp, resulting in too much moisture and even water into the engineering wooden flooring, which causes the short end of the solid composite floor to expand, resulting in the warped situation.

■ Too much humidity in the indoor air can also cause this.

From above-mentioned causes the factor that engineering wooden flooring short end to become warped can see, the likelihood is single factor, also may be the result that a few kinds of factors produce action jointly, because this is installed before the floor, must do humidity to check oh, installation also is very important step.

By Peter in Anhui China

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