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Carbonized Vertical Bamboo Decking

Solid Bamboo Decking, Vertical

Size: length:1960-6000mm; Width:90-200mm; Thickness: 18mm

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*50 years anti-corrosion & anti-fouling technology

With leading research institutes domestically and international, now the company has developed a series of adhesives and formulations for anti-corrosive and anti-fouling purpose. By using these, the typical high temperature and high pressure manufacturing process is avoided, the bamboo products not only maintain bamboo fiber's mechanical strength but also gain anti-corrosive and anti-fouling capability. The products can be used outdoors without putrefaction more than 50 years.

*High strength seamless extension technology

The technology can make the bamboo plate to achieve seamless and unlimited extension with great strength. It overcomes the size limitations and weak lateral strength of the traditional bamboo plates. The products are met all the requirements for indoor and outdoor large engineering. The products can also be used for housing, furniture, etc. This expands the application scope and ultimately will enable bamboo to be the timber substitute, steel substitute and plastic substitute. It helps to build an environmental friendly economy, and will revolutionize the construction industry towards bamboo era. The technology has been awarded for a number of domestic and international patents.

*Bamboo product design and manufacturing flexible drawing system

Traditional construction or decorative wood materials are used in the process of molding process and the waste loss is serious and the cost is increased. Vertical Bamboo Decking in solving the seamless extension and anti-corrosive after mold-proof technology, in bamboo and bamboo building beautiful shape of the product and on research and development on the titer of the economy, the successful completion of the outdoor bamboo product design, manufacturing, after-sales build flexible interaction based system, and developed a series of outdoor bamboo products building, bamboo floor and indoor furniture, bamboo articles for daily use products, from design to interactive, can completely meet the demand of customers personalized features of bamboo product material.

*Great performance/cost manufacturing and marketing system

The system mainly includes the aesthetic design, forming, manufacturing, service, web based bamboo living experience and order fulfillment. With the help of internet technology and electronic commerce platform, the company gradually builds marketing and production system which is highly interconnected with customers, to meet the increasing demand of personalized bamboo products.

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A free consultation

We focus on floor inspections only, we try to help you to solve all the questions in flooring line.