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Floor Container Loading Check

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Along with the increasing global trade needs, and supply chains get more and more complex. Floor buyers of brands, retailers and importers are urgently need to strengthen the communication with their manufacturer around the globe. Our target on Flooring Inspection is to make this process much more easier for our clients to control over the quality and seize more latest information of China flooring industry by our services. CFI would like to be your eyes in China floor factories, we do hope to be your best valuable partner in Flooring Industry of China.

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Why Is Floor Container Loading Check Necessary?

As one of the steps of Floor Inspection Services, floor container loading check is not only need confirmation of safety and quality but also hope their requirements are met correctly that proper procedures are put in place to handle the goods with floor shipping mark and being strictly observed for clients. We ensure you that all of your flooring are loaded into the shipping container, with no broken cartons or missing floor. We will check the Floor quantity, packaging & packing, shipping mark, label, container condition, and conduct a quick inspection on selected products to check the appearance and measurement. We will keep taking pictures on-site until the container doors are sealed and the truck leaves their factory. Then we will send you a Detailed Flooring Container Loading Inspection Report. Reports will include a detailed description and photos of the loading and transportation activities, especially information related to the possible damage during this process. Clients may also require to be notified immediately about the results of this floor container on-site inspection any improper treatment of the goods.

The Procedures Of Floor Container Loading Check Includes:

- Check Appearance/Quality Of Flooring

Floor appearance checking

- Check Flooring Quantity/cartons/pallets

Loading pallets checking

- Check Package/Packing Status Of Flooring

Package checking

- Check The Container Situation

Container checking

- Supervise The Container Loading Progress

Loading supervision

- Check The Loading Status and Verify All Documents

Sealed loading confirmation

- Submit Container Inspection Report

Performing Floor Container Loading Check Will Bring Following Benefits:

- Make sure the products they load in the shipping container is exactly what you ordered.

- Perform final check on the products, packaging and etc. when mistake can be mend.

- Keep closer communication with your supplier to know better about their production ryhthm.

- Help you to prevent potential losses.

- A serious inspection reveals how valuable the co-operation is between you and your flooring supplier.




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