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Floor Pre-shipment Inspection

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Along with the increasing global trade needs, and supply chains get more and more complex. Floor buyers of brands, retailers and importers are urgently need to strengthen the communication with their manufacturer around the globe. Our target on Flooring Inspection is to make this process much more easier for our clients to control over the quality and seize more latest information of China flooring industry by our services. CFI would like to be your eyes in China floor factories, we do hope to be your best valuable partner in Flooring Industry of China.

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Why Is Floor Pre-shipment Inspection Necessary?

Pre-shipment inspection is often the last barrier against receiving defective products. Pre-Shipment floor Inspection is a set of organized Third-Party Floor Inspection Services to select random cartons from all batches of goods in your order, and is carried out when 80% of your production process is complete.

Pre-shipment inspection is the final opportunity to amend before your production is finished and the products are packed, which is an effective method to safeguard your product against costly import risks.

CFI will assist in strict inspection criteria to accommodate Final Inspection based on your requirement.

The Procedures Of Pre-shipment Floor Inspection Include:

-Verify the Specifications As Your Order

Check information of order

- Check The Flooring Appearance And Package

Package checking

- Check The Floor Inspection Results

Including Color aberration Check, Measurement Check, Floor Joint Inspection, Degree Of Warp Test, Gap Test, Gloss Test, Moisture Content Test, Abrasion Test etc.

Floor appearance checking

- Check The Results Of Lab Test

Lab tests

- Submit Final Inspection Report

Performing Pre-shipment Floor Inspection Will Bring Following Benefits:

- Certified Flooring Inspectors will help you to know if the products meet your requirements based on the performance of approved samples.

- Help you find out the defective products and the defective Flooring Quantity before loading and avoid big losses.

- Reject defective loading. Negotiate with your supplier and make them rework or replace the goods if needed. Remote control is also available to save time, money and energy!




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