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Along with the increasing global trade needs, and supply chains get more and more complex. Floor buyers of brands, retailers and importers are urgently need to strengthen the communication with their manufacturer around the globe. Our target on Flooring Inspection is to make this process much more easier for our clients to control over the quality and seize more latest information of China flooring industry by our services. CFI would like to be your eyes in China floor factories, we do hope to be your best valuable partner in Flooring Industry of China.

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What do we do in The Best Floor Review?

After more than twenty years of experience, CFI has abundant information about the  floor suppliers in China and offers The Best Floor Supplier recommendations through professional analysis.

Our evaluation on flooring factory can:

- help you to improve the efficiency, save time and energy, and get the most accurate information about the Chinese flooring factory in a short way.

- reduce risk and pass the unqualified factories

- optimize the Floor Supplier Chain thereby improve the product quality level of the whole supplier

Process about finding Your Best Flooring Suppliers all over China:

- Collect and analyse your requirements

- Computer smart database match

- Specialized manual verification on site

- Send the information to you

Why choose us?

- experience:

CFI has been engaged in the floor industry for more than 20 years, who fully understand the market situation and demands. We are penetrating into flooring product innovation, and updating the new flooring product information in time.

- database system:

our company has the most comprehensive floor company information in China, which will match  your requirements and offer you Comprehensive Flooring Supplier Information.

- professional analysis:

according to the condition-matching, manual analysis and deep exploration, CFI provides the most suitable supplier recommendations.

- update:

CFI database of China flooring supplier is constantly updated and expanded. Every semiannual meeting will be reviewed to update the database information according to the latest trend of flooring factory, whereupon there will be a professional factory elevator to collect the new factory information.

- Strict information verification:

when a proper supplier appeared , our elevator will help you to verify the relevant information of the company.




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We focus on floor inspections only, we try to help you to solve all the questions in flooring line.