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Along with the increasing global trade needs, and supply chains get more and more complex. Floor buyers of brands, retailers and importers are urgently need to strengthen the communication with their manufacturer around the globe. Our target on Flooring Inspection is to make this process much more easier for our clients to control over the quality and seize more latest information of China flooring industry by our services. CFI would like to be your eyes in China floor factories, we do hope to be your best valuable partner in Flooring Industry of China.

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Why Is Floor Inspection During Production Necessary?

If your supplier has failed multiple Pre-Shipment Inspection because of recurring defects, you may need more help from CFI. Through Floor Inspection On Site, your flooring will be checked at multiple points during the production line before they are packaged. When Identified Defects On Monitoring, the defective products will be removed from the production line to reprocessing on the basis of your quality standards.

Our inspectors who are qualified for Flooring Inspection Services will check every aspect of appearance when the flooring is  produced, then they will mark and take photos of all discovered flooring defects for the inspection report, which will be submitted to you daily as if you were in the factory personally.

The Procedures Of Floor Inspection During Production Include:
-Brief Inspection

Brief inspection on product line

- Flooring Production Process Inspection

Production process inspection

- Non-Conforming Flooring Sorting

Non-Conforming Flooring Sorting

- Analyze Causes of Quality Issues

Analyze causes of quality issues

- Quality Control in Every Aspect During The Production Process

Quality control

- Contact with Factories Timely to Improve Floor Manufacturing Procedures and Process to Eliminating Defects

Manufacturing procedures inspection

- Submit The Conclusion Report Timely

Performing Floor Inspection During Production Will Bring Following Benefits:
- CFI will examine an approved sample of your flooring and record the critical data.
- Ensure your flooring is carefully treated at every important point during each stage of production.
- You will know the type and varieties of defects during the floor production, and decide the follow-up response at first time.
- To help prevent any potential issues, reduce the amount of defective items which may be packaged and shipped –both your time and money will be saved.




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