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Why does my laminate floor crackle when i walk on it


After the laminate wood floor is installed, it is very easy to make abnormal noise. Firstly, if you want to know the specific reason of the noise of your floor, you can find a certified flooring inspector to give you answers. Also, flooring pre-shipment inspection will avoid these problems. Our wood flooring inspection standards are customized. Secondly, in order to reduce the impact of the sound of laminate wood flooring on customer life, work and study, as well as later complaints and compensation, this paper deeply analyses the causes of the sound from three aspects: the accuracy of milling flutes, floor size stability and floor installation, and puts forward feasible ways to control the sound of floor noise in factory production. A simple and effective method for detecting the sound of laminate wood flooring is obtained. (See article link: https://www.china-floor-inspection.com/blog/how-to-stop-laminate-floor-from-creaking_b28)

1 Reasons for the noise of laminate wood flooring

1.1 Influence of milling flutes accuracy on floor sound

The main reason for the noise of the laminate wood floor is that the accuracy of the milling flutes of the floor lock is not high. At present, the common laminate wood floor locking structure in China is analyzed from the accuracy of the lock milling flutes, with five main quality control points, as shown in Figure 1. The five main quality control points of the lock buckle cooperate and work together, thus ensuring the close integration between the floors. The main quality control points between floor locks and their mutual cooperation are as follows.

(Figure 1: Main quality control points of buckle milling flutes)

1) The coordination gap of point E ensures the tightness of the gap of point A. If there is a gap in the matching position of point E, the gap of point A increases, and it is easy to have a lax condition; if point E is too tight, point A squeeze each other, which is prone to the plate surface extrusion and bulge.

2) The function of point B is to control the height error of point A. Under the support of point D, close cooperation of point B, and point A is maintained in a flat state.

3) The function of point C is the auxiliary support of point D. According to the design drawing, there should be a gap of no more than 0.05 mm here as a reserved space after the expansion and change of the floor substrate. If the clearance of point C is too large, the support force is all completed by point D. When the external force acts on the floor 2, point E will continue to extrude pressure on point A, and point A will have sliding friction up and down at the same time, resulting in different degrees of friction. The larger the gap between point C, the more obvious the sound will be.

4) Point D plays a supporting role, but the change of the gap of point E will affect the support contact area of point D. If the gap of point E is too closely coordinated, point D will not play the corresponding supporting role and there is a gap situation. Under the influence of the force of floor 2, point E will also form sliding friction, resulting in the sound of rustling.

Judging from the coordination relationship of the above points, the generation of sound is mainly affected by the coordination tolerance accuracy of C, D and E points. If the tolerance is too large, there is a gap in the matching point. After the normal installation of the floor, if the person steps on the floor, the floor lock will slide and produce a sound of the floor. If the matching tolerance is too small, the floor is not only difficult to install, but also particularly prone to arching due to wet swelling, resulting in the sound of floor floating.

1.2 Influence of dimensional stability of laminate wood flooring on sound

The main structure of laminate wood flooring is wood fiber material. Wood fiber material is easily affected by the external environment, and the size stability changes. When it is in a humid environment, the floor is moisturized and expands, resulting in tight lock buckle assembly, and there will be noise when stamping

The temperature and humidity of laminate wood flooring in the use environment are always dynamically changing. Although its moisture absorption will be reduced through treatment, it cannot be completely eliminated. Wood flooring with a high expansion rate after water absorption will absorb moisture in the air with the change of indoor air temperature and humidity, increase the moisture content of the edge of the floor, leading to the expansion of the floor, making the floor thicker and longer, and uneven, which has a great impact on the decorativeness of the floor.

1.3 Influence of laminate wood floor installation on floor noise

Irregulated installation will produce floor noise, reduce the experience of the floor, and even reduce the service life of the floor. It is embodied in the following aspects:

1) The floor is not installed properly, and the expansion joints are not reserved enough. In a humid and hot environment, the floor is prone to wet swelling. Due to insufficient expansion gap, the floor does not have enough expansion space, which will form an arching phenomenon in the middle, and there will be a sound of the floor when stepping on it.

2) The ground levelling before the installation of the floor does not meet the installation requirements. The floor is suspended after installation on the uneven ground. After stepping on, the floor rubs against each other and produces noise.

3) When installing the floor, choose a substandard film. The poor-quality film is not wear-resistant and easy to tear. After the floor is installed, it will lead to direct contact between the ground and the back of the floor, and there will be a height difference between the film and the floor, resulting in a sound of the floor when stamping.

4) The ground cannot be cleaned thoroughly before the floor is installed, and other debris such as sand on the ground will also cause the noise of the floor.

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