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How to stop laminate floor from creaking


1 Precautions against the floor creaking

1.1 Control measures for milling flutes accuracy in the production process

Reasonable control of the machining accuracy of the milling flutes of the floor lock can not only ensure the normal installation and use of the floor, but also optimize the production cost and product quality. The specific control measures are as follows.

1) When producing in the factory, it shall be produced in strict accordance with the standard locking drawings and projection drawings and modules provided by the tool company.

2) When adjusting the thickness of the mortise, the tenon should be 0.02 mm smaller than the thickness of the mortise, forming a gap between the two, and ensuring that the assembly in the horizontal direction after lock assembly is ≤0.05 mm.

3) Pre-tension can ensure a seamless connection between the floors, and can also prevent dust and foreign bodies from entering the floor. When adjusting the positioning, the pretension force of the mortise should be controlled from 0.03 to 0.05 KN.

4) When assembling the floor, it must be flat, and it must not be lower or upward. When it tilts down, the vertical support force of the floor is not in place, and it will shift each other when stepping on it, causing noise, and it is easy to damage the mortise structure.

5) When installing or adjusting the tool, the final action must be adjusted inward or upward, so that the operation can effectively reduce the error.

6) In order to ensure an accurate projection effect (see Figure 1), when sawing the sample, the saw blade should be perpendicular to the floor to be cut, and the thickness of the sawed sample should be 3±0.5 mm.

(Figure 1:Projection calibration diagram of laminate floor lock)

7) Because the line width on the projection figure itself is 0.03 mm, the projector is not completely accurate. In order to better ensure product quality, it is recommended to use other measuring tools such as callipers for auxiliary inspection.

8) In the process of producing laminate flooring in the factory, the locking buckle should be checked regularly every two hours, and the locking accuracy should be checked by projectors, gauges, cursor callipers, and laying experimental floors.

Strictly complying with the above 8 requirements can effectively avoid the inconvenience to people's lives caused by the noise.

1.2 Control measures for the stability of laminate flooring during production

The stability of laminate floor mainly depends on the stability of the substrate. Good stability of the substrate can ensure the stability of the physical and chemical properties and appearance of the floor for a long time. Therefore, in the process of producing laminate flooring in the factory, it is necessary to strictly control the physical and chemical properties of the substrates used, especially the expansion rate of water absorption thickness, and strictly implement the corresponding standards. Substrates that do not meet the corresponding standards should be rejected.

1.3 Quality control measures for the installation of laminate flooring at the construction site

After passing the quality inspection, the laminate floor reaches the construction site, and its installation quality is the key to ensure the normal use of the floor. According to the analysis of the impact of installation on the sound of the floor, the installation specifications and requirements should be strictly implemented before installation.

1) Conscientiously do a good job in ground levelling testing. If the levelling of the ground does not meet the installation standards (the height difference ≤ 5/2 000 mm), the customer should be informed in time about the possible floor noise and other problems, and it is recommended to re-repair the ground to level it. Even if the customer insists on installing, it can prepare the customer for the sound problem and reduce the later customer's dissatisfaction.

2) When installing the floor, you should reserve enough expansion joints (the surrounding expansion joints ≥ 8 mm), lay the floor mats in place and clean the ground.

3) After the floor is installed, the floor should be detected in time for noise problems. When the floor is installed in 5 rows, it needs to be trampled along the splicing place 3 to 4 times, focusing on the sound of the splicing at the end of the floor (width), by the sound of the connection in the length direction. If there is a serious floor noise problem, the installation direction must be changed in time, or other practical on-site solutions, such as gluing, must be adopted. Solve the problem of floor noise in time on site can avoid secondary rework, reduce unnecessary maintenance costs, and reduce after-sales maintenance costs.

2.Simple and effective sound detection method for laminate floor

1) The floor levelling of the laminate floor must meet the floor levelling requirements for paving.

2) The floor mat film of 2 to 4 mm thickness should be laid before laying the laminate floor.

3) When laying each batch of floors, you should ensure that the width direction is no less than 6 to 8 wood floors and the length direction is not less than 3 to 6 wood floors.

4) After the laminate floor is paved, step down at least 5 to 8 times along the mosaic of the floor to judge whether there are floor creaking noises. If there is no sound at the floor splicing, the floor is qualified, otherwise the installation will be adjusted.

5) In the conventional quality control, the factory should carry out lock projection detection every 2 hours in actual production, and at the same time, the laying sound test should be carried out according to the above steps for each batch of floors.

6) The judgement criterion (evaluation indicator) is that no sound can be heard.

The above testing methods are suitable for controlling the quality of floor locks in the factory production process. If obvious noise problems are found in the process of testing and paving, the production equipment should be adjusted in time to avoid batch unqualified floors. We can offer laminate flooring pre-shipment inspection for you.

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