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Hardwood Flooring Standard

Standard Specification for Hardwood Flooring,Hardwood Flooring Appearance, Hardwood Flooring Quality Requirements.

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This standard specifies the requirements of bamboo floor, test methods, inspection rule and packaging, transportation with marks and storage requirements.


Length: Absolute value of the difference between nominal length and every measured value ≤1  

Width: Absolute value of the difference between nominal width and average width ≤ 0.30, the difference between maximum width and minimum width ≤0.30

Thickness: Absolute value of the difference between nominal thickness and average thickness≤0.30;  the difference between maximum thickness and minimum thickness

Tenon thickness: 0.1~0.4

Warp: Convex warp in width direction≤0.20%,, concave warp in width direction ≤0.15%;Convex warp in extending direction≤1.00%,, concave warp in extending direction ≤0.50%

Gap: maximum value≤0.4mm

Height difference: maximum value≤0.3mm


The appearance quality requirements



Back face




Sound knots

φ≤10mm            Length500mm,







Length500mm, number10

φ≤25mm     Unlimited number

Unlimited dimensions

and number

Dead knots

 Not allowed

φ≤3mm    Length500mm, number3;   Length500mm,


φ≤5mm   Unlimited number

φ≤20mm  Unlimited number

Worm holes

Not allowed

φ≤0.5mm,quantity 5

φ≤2mm,number 5


Resin pocket

  Not allowed



number  2


Pith flecks

Not allowed




Not allowed

The decay is at initial stage and the decayed area 20%, with no peeling problems or powder


Not allowed

Length 30% the length of flooring Width 20% the width of flooring


Not allowed

Width0.15mm, length2% the length of flooring


Processed snaking

Not allowed

Not obvious

 Not obvious


Tenon deformity

Not allowed

the length of deformed tenon 15% the length of floor,the width of deformed tenon 2/3 the width of tenon


Not allowed

Not obvious



Not allowed


Exposed undercoat

Not allowed


Pin holes


The diameter 0.5mm,number3




Not allowed



 Length500mm, number3;  

Length500mm, number 4

 Nib on the bevel is not counted in


 number 4;

 Length500mm, number6


Note1: For a man with normal eyesight, under natural lighting conditions, it is hard to make it out through bare eyes at a distance of 0.4m.

Note2: The length of deformed tenon is the cumulative length of the deformed tenon


 the physical and chemical performance requirements


Technical requirements




Water content

7.0water contentaverage water content in various districts in China

The difference between maximum and minimum average water content of the same batch of flooring board samples shall not exceed 4.0, and the difference between maximum and minimum water content in the same flooring board shall not exceed 4.0 either.

Abrasion resistance




The paint film is not grinded through

Film adhesion




Paint film hardness




The packing


By agreement between buyer and supplier, the flooring shall be packed according to the flooring type, specification and grade, individually. The package shall be moisture resistant.


The package shall be clearly marked with the following information as a minimum: name of manufacturer or supplier; trade name; dimensions; wood variety; date of production and/or batch number; quality of flooring and/or covered surface

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