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Solid Horizontal/Vertical Bamboo Flooring

Main Specifications

Material: Solid Bamboo

Color: Natural/Carbonized

Structure: Horizontal/Vertical

Density: 0.72g/m3

Moisture content: 8-10%

Hardness: 719kg/cm2


Impact resistance: 97.1kg/m2

Main Length: 915/960/1830/1860 mm,

Main Width: 96/135/142/152 mm

Main Thickness: 10/12/15/18 mm

Loading: 1400 m2 with pallets for 1x20'FCL

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Natural/Carbonized Color Horizontal/Vertical Bamboo Flooring

According to the following structure, bamboo flooring can be divided into horizontal nature bamboo flooring and vertical natural bamboo flooring. Since bamboo is a fast-growing grass, bamboo flooring is a kind of eco-friendly product to replace hardwood flooring.

Bamboo flooring involves both the nature flavor and sustainable resources, moreover, the vary surface crafts make bamboo flooring offers more and more choices.

 Product Structure 

Horizontal: the strips are glued horizontally, displaying natural growth knot.

Vertical: the strips are glued vertically, displaying fewer natural growth knot.



Natural Color is the pure and origin appearance of bamboo, the golden gloss gives off natural breath of plant. The abrasive resistance is even better than wood, and it is much easier for maintenance.

Carbonized/Caramel is not only a color of bamboo flooring but the manufacturing process. When natural bamboo is kiln-baked, the sugars of bamboo gives floor a rich brown hue from the inside out, which reminds as the flooring appearance.

No matter what the origin color is, bamboo flooring can be stained, or treated by vary crafts, such as hand scraped, brush, embossed and so on that it made bamboo flooring more diverse.

With the nature of bamboo flooring itself, this kind of flooring is:

1. Using fast-growing bamboo as material for protecting precious wood resources, and no harmful chemicals used.

2. Particular abrasive resistance to keep the floor finish shining.

3. Reliable fireproof performance.  No traces left once cigarette tip or match dropped on floor.

4. No color fading for several years.

 QC Point 

1. While the bamboo strips are bonding by glue, the quality and chemical component of glue are critical important for our final test results. And urea-formaldehyde glue is what we recommended.

2. If the raw bamboo is not grown enough, in other words, there is too much moisture in raw material, bamboo flooring finished product could be very soft against any scratch or pressure.    

 Qualified Products 

Natural horizontal bamboo flooring        Natural vertical bamboo flooring

Carbonized horizontal bamboo flooring        Carbonized vertical bamboo flooring

15MM Hand scraped bamboo flooring      15MM Embossed bamboo flooring      Stained bamboo flooring

 Unqualified Products 

Unqualified assembled gap of problem bamboo flooring      Mildew bamboo strip of problem bamboo flooring      Cracking T&G of problem bamboo flooring

 Our Advantages 

CFI oversight will save cost by reducing defective products

- Control moisture to prevent splitting

- Supervise balance time to prevent warping

- Inspect glue used for excess formaldehyde preventing

- Avoid any business reputation damage caused by recall

- Ensure proper quality at every production stage

- Estimate possible production and shipment delays

- Optimize your quality control budget

- Improve your purchase efficiency


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A free consultation

We focus on floor inspections only, we try to help you to solve all the questions in flooring line.