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Outdoor Bamboo Decking Cupping

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Exposed to moisture for an extended period of time, bamboo flooring products can absorb moisture and weaken. Because bamboo is grass, the grain runs the length of the board. Inferior or inappropriate bamboo selection, the use of bamboo that is either harvested too young or not properly dried can be prone to changes in temperature and humidity. This can lead to cupping, warping and swelling of the material.


1. Uneven distribution of floor moisture content

2. The floor is slotted on one side and not slotted on the other. The two sides of the floor are not the same as the air contact area, and the degree of water absorption is different, resulting in different moisture content on both sides of the floor.

In the case of high air humidity, there is less water in the air without the slotting side, and the side of the back slot absorbs more water in the air, expanding the face surface of the back slot, but the surface of the plane does not expand, so the floor will bend like that of the plane.

In the case of air drying, on the contrary, the board will bend like a slotted side.

warp flooringwarp board


1. In production:

When health balance, drying should not be too fast, drying kiln to keep the temperature uniform;

Try to make sure that both sides of the floor have the same texture

2. How to avoid before installation

Proper expansion joints reserved for paving

3. After installation

Because the weather humidity changes with the season, you can see if the floor will recover in a few months. If it is still tile, you can only replace the floor

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We focus on floor inspections only, we try to help you to solve all the questions in flooring line.